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Photo Gallery | Food Trucks Bring Asian Tacos To The District

Virtually every type of cuisine is represented in today’s D.C. food truck culture.  The incredible variety gives locals the chance to sample their favorite foods from around the globe, like kabobs, burritos, and flatbread wraps.  One of the most unique food truck options are Asian style tacos, which were put on the map by TaKorean and now are being served by the Far East Asian Grill Truck.

The menu at the Far East Truck, which opened a few months ago, consists of rib eye steak tacos, chicken teriyaki style tacos, and caramelized tofu tacos(spicy pork tacos are coming soon).  The tacos are served with your choice of Asian influenced toppings like kimchi-lime and sweet chili romaine slaw, as well as sauces like pineapple, spicy mayo, and hot Sriracha.

Tacos at the Far East Taco truck run one for $3 or three for $8.

I had the rib eye steak tacos and sampled the pineapple and sweet/mild sauce.  The meal was delicious: The meat was really flavorful and the sauces just added even more. 

“I’ve tried some of the other taco trucks and I think (the Far East Truck) is actually one of the better ones,” Customer Gov Nagubandi said.  “They do a really good job with the meat and the Sriracha hot sauce is wonderful.  They double layer the taco too, which I think is a great touch.”

Alex Cho, a Virginia Tech graduate, who is the man behind the Far East truck said that he feels as though D.C. has welcomed his business with open arms.

“I really want to say thanks to the D.C. community for supporting us and the other D.C. food trucks, we’re really thankful for all of the support.”

While the Far East truck seems to be doing well at this stage, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

“So far we’ve been getting pretty good feedback.  We made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, we had to adjust to the flavors of the customers,” Said Cho. “(We had issues with) the prepping, sometimes we’d forget the sauce, or mess up an order.  It was rough in the beginning, but since then we’ve been pretty good.”

Cho’s truck needs to be on top of its game.  TaKorean, which serves a similar type of Asian taco cuisine, is one of D.C.’s favorite food trucks.  I’ve now had the pleasure of eating at both trucks, and really enjoyed both experiences.

Cho hopes those who haven’t had an Asian taco give it a try.

“(Customers) should come because (Asian tacos) are different from most of the food in this community,” Cho explained.  “I know Korean barbecue has a lot of flavor to it.  If they’re looking for something good, something quick, something they can eat while they’re walking, they should try (our food).”

Take a look at the photos above to see tacos from Far East as well as TaKorean.

Have you ever tried an Asian taco?