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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: 'Meatballs' Opens in D.C.

The D.C. culinary scene recently seems to be in the mode of taking traditional food and "elevating it".  The number of gourmet burger joints and food trucks throughout the city these days is simply staggering.  So what's the next food trend?  

Well maybe balls...meatballs that is.

Opening its doors to the public today in Penn Quarter is famous chef Michel Richard's "Meatballs", a casual dining spot dedicated to rounded meats.

Don't get it twisted though...these ain't yo Momma's meatballs.  While "Balls" does serve the classic style, it also offers chicken balls, lamb balls, crab balls, and even lentil balls.

The restaurant, which is laid out in a sort of Chipotle-like assembly line, asks you to choose your meat and then asks "How You Like 'Em".  Options include the meatballs coming on "grinders"(hoagie type sandwiches), on pasta(regular or whole wheat), on a salad, or as a platter over polenta.

The choices don't stop there, though.  To steal the phrase from my favorite condiment, Sweet Baby Ray's  Barbecue sauce, "The Sauce is The Boss".  At Balls, you can choose traditional marinara, creamy alfredo, mushroom, roasted red pepper, or Indian tandoori.

Lastly, you can choose various toppings for your balls like hot peppers, provolone cheese, or fresh Mozzarella to name a few.

Each serving comes with four balls.  Classic, chicken, and lentil ball servings are $8.99, lamb balls are $12.99, and crab balls are $16.99.  Sides, including collard greens and spinach and garlic, are available from $2.99.

Additionally, Balls is offering "Italian Sunday Night Dinners".  The dinner, which costs $79.99 and is said to feed 6-8, comes with a "stock pot filled with your choice of balls, sauce & your favorite toppings", two loaves of bread, two pounds of pasta, and a salad.

Meatballs is located at 626 E Street in Northwest.  You can get your fix of "balls" Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. and Friday-Sunday from noon-10 p.m..