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Photo Gallery | The Top 5 Things No Man Can Look "Manly" Doing

"Simon Says" is an opinion column by WUSA9.Com's D.C. Community Web Producer Simon Landau.  Follow him on Twitter @LandauDC.  Opinions are his and his alone:

Interpretations of the word “manly” can vary from person to person, and the definition of the adjective can be heavily debated.

For the purposes of this story, though, I will hold the word to the stereotypical definition of “manliness”.  You know that concept of being manly:  It refers to those rugged, wood-chopping, steak-eating, football-watching, Thor-looking kinds of dudes.

Google defines the word manly as “1) Having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength” and as “2) (of an activity) Befitting a man, esp. in a traditional sense: "the manly art of knife-throwing".”

Knife-throwing?  That seems like it would fit the definition of ‘stupidity’ more so than the definition of ‘manly’, but I digress.

Anyway, take a look at the slideshow above for my list of the top 5 things I think no man can look “manly” doing, going with the above definitions of the word.  Keep in mind, I have committed every one of these actions.

Thoughts on my top 5?  What did I miss?

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