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Why The Redskins Signing Peyton Manning Could Revolutionize The Franchise---But Might Not Make Sense | Sports & Recreation

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Why The Redskins Signing Peyton Manning Could Revolutionize The Franchise---But Might Not Make Sense
Why The Redskins Signing Peyton Manning Could Revolutionize The Franchise---But Might Not Make Sense

"Simon Says" is an opinion column by WUSA9.Com's D.C. Community Web Producer Simon Landau.  Follow him on Twitter @LandauDC.  Opinions are his and his alone:

Fans in Washington and across the country have been waiting for a moment that is finally here: It’s National Peyton Manning Release Day.

The superstar QB, whose neck injury still remains a question mark, will “part ways” with the Indianapolis Colts today, as the only franchise he has ever known moves into a rebuilding stage.

Now the chance for the Redskins to sign Manning is not a pipe dream, it’s a reality.

And the potential positives of pulling the trigger are just too plentiful to ignore.

Thinking about Peyton in Burgundy and Gold will most certainly tickle Skins fans in all the right ways.  After years of shuffling quarterbacks in and out of the lineup, a healthy Manning would provide an astronomical upgrade from Rex Grossman, John Beck, or any of the other mediocre signal callers employed by Washington over the past few seasons.


But signing Peyton Manning to a contract would do far more for the Redskins than just improve the quarterback position.  Manning wouldn’t just make those around him better…he would give the entire franchise a facelift.

Right now in the D.C. Metro area, the main person associated with the Washington Redskins by the team’s fans is Owner Dan Snyder---and not for good reasons.  The disdain for the owner throughout our region is palpable.  Mentioning Snyder’s name in and around the District is like mentioning the evil Lord Voldemort’s name to students at Hogwarts (Sorry non-Harry Potter readers for that analogy).  If Peyton Manning joined the Redskins, he would undoubtedly be the face franchise. 

Manning’s not just a football player, he’s a brand. 

He says all the right things, he’s funny, and he’s recognizable.  What he doesn’t do is create or take part in any of the stupid sideshow antics like the ones that have come out of Landover in the recent past.  Peyton Manning does his job, he does it well, and he does it without expressing any of the qualities traditionally linked to today’s greedy, whiny athletes.

Peyton Manning wouldn’t just make the Redskins instantly better, he’d earn them instant respect.  One man really could revolutionize this downtrodden franchise.

And yet, despite all of these positive influences the quarterback could make on the Redskins, it just might not make sense for the team to sign him.

The “what ifs” and possible consequences of the Redskins signing Manning and the relationship not working out are so great that it could legitimately set the organization back several more years.

This team has suffered setbacks for the better part of the past 10 years.

What if Manning’s neck hasn’t fully healed?  What if he has one great season and then realizes that his body won’t let him compete anymore?  If they do sign Manning, would the Redskins decide not to select a young quarterback for the future early in the Draft?

There are just so many questions, so many variables that could turn the fairy tale into a nightmare.

For a number of seasons now Redskins Nation has been clamoring for a great young quarterback to build around, but here comes Peyton Manning, in all his glory, ready to become a free agent.

While the impact #18 could make on the overall being of the Washington Redskins is potentially priceless, signing Manning has a number of drawbacks and it might not make sense.

Potentially is a very scary word.

Choosing which path to take regarding this monumental dilemma will determine the Redskins future for years to come. 

Let’s just hope they make the right decision.

What do you think about the Redskins potentially signing Peyton Manning?  Sound off in the comments section below.