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Organizations Say "Capital Showdown" Fight Met Appropriate Boxing Standards | Sports & Recreation

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Organizations Say "Capital Showdown" Fight Met Appropriate Boxing Standards


From Shi Faust: The Committee on Small and Local Business Development, chaired by Councilmember Vincent B. Orange, Sr., (At-Large) voted to approve the report on the “Capital Showdown” Championship Boxing match between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan.  The report revealed the integrity of the officials’ scoring was affirmed and complied with standards of the sanctioning bodies. 


On Friday, February 3, 2012, the Committee on Small and Local Business Development held a public oversight hearing to receive testimony from interested parties in the “Capital Showdown” Championship Boxing event held on December 10, 2011.  Invited to testify before the Committee were the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission, Events DC, Golden Boy Promotions, Inc., the World Boxing Association (WBA), the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Home Box Office (HBO), Washington area professional boxers,  including Mr. Lamont Peterson and Mr. Anthony Peterson and their manager/trainer Mr. Barry Hunter.  Each of the organizations provided representatives for the hearing, except HBO and the WBA.  However, the WBA provided written testimony for the record.  The testimony presented by the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission, theIBF and the WBA, all affirmed the actions of the officiating scores and judges complied with their standards.  


Since the December 10, 2011 bout, the outcome of the match has been engulfed in controversy regarding the title changing hands to Washington’s own Lamont Peterson, who defeated the reigning champion Amir Khan.  Several allegations raised by key players regarding the conduct of ring officials, the scoring of tally sheets, and the overall integrity of the boxing match were laid to rest. 


Witnesses from the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission and IBF gave testimony affirming the conduct of the ring officials and the integrity of the scorecard being preserved. Further, testimony by WBA revealed that their supervisor evaluated the scoring of two judges as “good,” and of the other as “very good,” and evaluated the performance of the referee as “regular.”


A major contention was laid to rest, when the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission Chairman Scottie Irving said, “I’m absolutely, positively sure there were no changes to the scorecard.” 


Daryl Peoples, President of IBF, a major world sanctioning organization said, “There were no irregularities as far as scoring goes.”  The referee is operating within his right to call a push a fowl.  He further provided testimony referring to the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, that all referees and judges must be “certified and approved” by the local boxing commission responsible for regulating the match. 


Moreover, counsel for the promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, states he could not point to anything specifically that would change the outcome of the fight.  The scorecard governs, and its integrity was validated.   


“The findings of the report on the “Capital Showdown” boxing match between Peterson and Khan will serve to  permanently remove the black eye on the District of Columbia and restore our reputation as a legitimate boxing venue, while setting the record straight on our ability to convene boxing matches with professionalism, fairness and integrity,” saidCouncilmember Orange. “The scorecards show Peterson won and there is no dispute between the sanctioning bodies, the IBF and WBA, which contradicts that decision.”