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Orange Earns Washington DC Building Trades Council Endorsement

This story comes to us from the Vincent Orange Campaign:


Bridging the Generation Gap in Egypt and the American Workplace

The historical transfer of power in Egypt has seen the departure of an entrenched 82-year-old dictator and a movement toward a democratically elected government where young Egyptians will have a major voice in politics and policies of the future.  A major key to a successful transition that will allow Egypt to move forward as a stable, innovative nation lies in respect and understanding between generations.

The same is true with American businesses.

Innovation is the intersection of the past and present that leads to the future.  That’s why it is so important that business leaders publicly acknowledge the contribution of each generation, applaud the unique strengths brought to the table by workers of different ages, and encourage everyone to share their viewpoints as a way to make a strong team even stronger. 

Mayor Gray Announces Six New Appointees To His Administration

This story comes to us from Linda Wharton Boyd:


Friday, February 4th, Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced six new appointees to his administration to move the city forward in the areas of public health and human services, rehabilitation of ex-offenders, youth, African affairs and financial services and insurance regulations.


YMCA DC Youth & Government Youth Summit = BIG Success

YMCA DC Youth & Government  Youth Summit = BIG Success

The Old City Council Chambers at One Judiciary Square was overtaken by teens on Friday, 12/3/10 - in the best way possible.  The YMCA DC Youth and Government Summit gives students an opportunity to interact with community leaders, discuss issues plaguing the city, and learn about having a career in public service. Over 200 high school students from all four quadrants of DC actively developed, debated and discussed ideas that will make our city a better place to live and work. 

George Washington, Captain America Attend Tea Party Patriot Event

Men dressed as George Washington and Captain America attended the Tea Party Patriot party on Election night.  Here's what they each had to say about their outfits and their meaning:

George Washington man: "(George Washington) was with the original tea party activists in America, and (they) gathered together to fight for liberty, and our independence, and our Republic. That's what the revelation is here tonight.  It's a reprise of our recovery of our Republic.  That's what we're here for."


Captain America man: "I'm Captain America, I'm here to save my country.  I'm tired of Christianity being removed, about the Constitution being stepped on and ripped up.  I'm tired of everything that this country holds near and dear being destroyed."

Free Food Today For Voters at California Tortilla!

Vote and get free food.  Pretty sweet huh?  Today, November 2 is Election Day, and if you vote, California Tortilla in Chinatown will reward you.

Show the “I Voted” sticker today at the California Tortilla located at 728 7th Street in NW and receive a taco at no charge.  No purchase necessary.  So go out, vote, and get a free taco!

FedTalks 2010 A Smashing Success

Tuesday, October 12 the Shakespeare Theatre Company played host to FedScoop's FedTalks 2010.  FedTalks 2010 event was an all-day conference geared toward sharing unique ideas about the interaction between technology and government.

Speakers at FedTalks included several big names including Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, and Ana Marie Cox, founder and editor of Wonkette.com.

Peter Corbett of the D.C. based iStrategyLabs and Virginia Congressman Jim Moran also discussed the future of technology in government.