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Could Asian Voters Be The Key To a Romney Victory? | News

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Could Asian Voters Be The Key To a Romney Victory?

FALLS CHURCH, Va.  (WUSA) - At the Eden Center in Falls Church, many Vietnamese businesse owners are backing Mitt Romney.

At the barber shop, you'll find pictures from a visit by Virginia's top Republican. Governor Bob McDonnell's campaign stop in 2009 was part of a strategy to win the Asian vote.

Peter Su helped McDonnell win the election with nearly 60 percent of Asian votes in Northern Virginia. He's hoping Asian voters will be the key to a Mitt Romney victory.

"With that foundation built by Gov. McDonnell, Gov. Romney has already initiated taking the first step to engage the Asian community. His staff has been holding bi-weekly meetings in Virginia," said Su.

A few weeks ago, Govs. Romney and McDonnell held one of those meetings in Sterling, Virginia. One of those present was Dr. Quan Nguyen, a Vietnamese human rights activist, who considers himself an independent voter. His brother, Dr. Nguyen Dan Que is being held under house arrest in Vietnam and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Virginia's Congressional delegation. Dr. Quan voted for Obama four years ago, but now, after personally meeting Gov. Romney, he plans to put his support behind the Republican.

"I was very impressed, and I believe I will vote for him and I hope that he will win the election so we will have some difference," said Dr. Quan. He said he has never met with President Obama.

Of course, Asian Americans are a very diverse group of people with varying allegiances. Indian and Pakistani Americans are considered to be strong Democratic voters. So the votes that are up for grabs, are people form East Asian Counties: Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.