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EnvyDerm Helps Women Get Celebrity Eyelashes, Has Celebrity Following | News

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EnvyDerm Helps Women Get Celebrity Eyelashes, Has Celebrity Following
EnvyDerm Helps Women Get Celebrity Eyelashes, Has Celebrity Following

Throughout history, long, lush eyelashes have been considered a thing of beauty and have been sought after. Even during the Middle Ages, women are believed to have secretly used crushed berries or soot from fireplaces to darken their eyelashes and enhance their appearance. Today, many people, including celebrities, are turning to products like those created by EnvyDerm in an effort to get the eyelash results they want.

“People look at celebrities and think their eyelashes are amazing – and they are,” explains Nadia Smith, founder of EnvyDerm Cosmetics Company. “The great thing is that we have helped many of them get those beautiful eyelashes. Our products are sought out by celebrities but are available to all consumers, so anyone can have celebrity lashes.”

A long, distinguished list of celebrities use and endorse EnvyDerm’s product line, including such notable names as swimsuit model Jessica Gomes, Erin Sanders, Patricia Arquette, T. Lopez, Niecy Nash, Peta Murgatroyd, Ashley Benson, Natalie Nunn, Draya Michelle, Chaynna Phillips, Sophie Munk, and Cheri Oteri, among others.

Many celebrities and consumers opt for EnvyDerm because of the reputation it has earned for helping women achieve the eyelashes they want, including helping those lashes to be longer, darker, and thicker looking. The EnvyDerm product line features an eyelash enhancement and conditioning volume mascara, eyeliner, and nighttime serum. These products condition and moisturize, and have been infused with Moroccan Argan Oil. EnvyDerm, which is also smudge-proof, clump-free, and doesn’t run, is made in America.

“EnvyDerm has become this popular because it works,” adds Smith. “It helps people get the lashes they want, and it works quickly, so they see results early on, when using the products. Once people use EnvyDerm for a couple of weeks and see the gorgeous results, they are hooked.”

For more information about EnvyDerm, visit the site at www.envyderm.com.


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