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Week 3: 1 Volunteer + 19,000 Hours = 1 Extreme Exterior Makeover | Business

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Week 3: 1 Volunteer + 19,000 Hours = 1 Extreme Exterior Makeover
Week 3: 1 Volunteer + 19,000 Hours = 1 Extreme Exterior Makeover


Week 3: 1 Volunteer + 19,000 Hours = 1 Extreme Exterior Makeover

by Sherry Moeller

An Earthquake and a Hurricane Test the Durability of the Just Installed Ply Gem Products

While week three of the Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Ply Gem Extreme Exterior Makeover of retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Gary Gaal's Alexandria, Virginia home is complete, Mother Nature paid a couple visits in the middle of it all.

“We’re so pleased with how the renovation is coming together,” says John Stephenson, vice president, corporate and marketing communications, Ply Gem. “The roofing, windows, siding, stone veneer and front door are installed, and it’s already looking like a completely new house. And the newly installed products do more than look great. Their durability was put to the test immediately with an earthquake and hurricane in the same week, but they easily weathered the elements.”

“With the new Ply Gem windows, we didn’t even know there was a storm outside,” adds Gaal, who noted that the winds at Reagan National Airport during last week’s hurricane were measured at 53 mph. “The windows are just phenomenal,” he adds. “With new Ply Gem siding, our house received no damage.”

“This is so much more than just a cosmetic upgrade,” says Bruce Case, president of Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. whose company was awarded this prize from Ply Gem and gifted it to Gaal, a volunteer who has given 19,000 hours to his Fairfax County community. “We’ve added energy efficiency, fixed structural elements and improved security at the Gaal home.”

“Less than a month ago, the Gaals’ home had an inefficient thermal envelope, with aluminum siding, cracked soffit, single pane windows and non-insulated walls, allowing a significant amount of air leakage,” Stephenson says. “In the past weeks, the building envelope has been improved with the installation of energy efficient R-5 Ply Gem Windows, insulated vinyl siding and vented soffit from Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem, insulation and weatherization materials from Dow Building Solutions, and energy saving roofing shingles and solar attic fans from GAF. It’s an incredible transformation.”

The Ply Gem 2011 Designed Exterior Giveaway also includes an entry door system from Plastpro, garage doors from Wayne-Dalton, and architectural design services from BSB Design.

The home has not only undergone an energy efficient makeover, it is also a great example of how a 1970s home can take on a new look and become an architecturally inspired Shingle-style home. “This shows potential to homeowners,” Case adds. “Doing any small parts of this will improve their homes and make them their own.” Case also noted that with his company's home improvement division, fred, homeowners can start small and take on one project at a time, ultimately achieving the look they want for their homes.

Gary and Luise Gaal are enchanted so far with all the upgrades. “The quality of work and professionalism have been excellent,” Gaal notes.

Case Design/Remodeling and Ply Gem are planning an unveiling of the exterior home makeover for the media on Friday, September 16 as well as a celebration and community/second media day on Saturday, September 17. Follow the progress on www.Facebook.com/DesignedExteriorGiveaway.