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An Article for Those with Wanderlust | Arts & Culture

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An Article for Those with Wanderlust
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An Article for Those with Wanderlust

I want to know what people think of when they hear the word “Thailand”. Is it Pad Thai? The sprawling megalopolis of Bangkok? The beautiful women? Amazing cuisine? Cheap beach resorts? Or maybe someone famous like Tiger Woods?

Twenty hours total from JFK airport to get to Bangkok and all I had was a cell number, a street address in Thai, and the instructions, “when you arrive Bro, get a drink for the drive and get to Pattaya”. Doing what I normally do when faced with the dilemma of needing to get somewhere and having no idea how to, I grabbed a beer and went with the flow, looking forward to the adventure. The first lesson I learned was not to ask a cab driver if he likes American music. They will without a doubt take this as a cue to blast something that is barely discernable as music, sounding more like two drunk cats in heat by the name of Ke$ha or Justin Bieber.

My eighty minute cab ride that cost a total of $35.00 USD dropped me in front of my destination and that’s when the insanity began.  Dropping my bags off at our villa, downing 3 shots of Jack Daniels, drinking to “America!” with my buddy on his R&R, grabbing a quick shower, and the first a Tuk-Tuk we saw (google it), we headed into the city.

It turned into one of the most surreal trips ever. I had some ideas of what to expect and the country surpassed every single one of them effortlessly. During my ten day stay we hit Pattaya, Koh Phangan (the Full Moon Party), Koh Samui, Trat, and Bangkok. One of our friends invited us to Koh Tao and I seriously considered selling my TV and having someone wire me the money so I could stay another two weeks.

I have never been anywhere close to this nation in terms of landscape. In late January I was swimming in crystal clear ocean water on deserted brown sand beaches one day and partying in a mega club that would rival those I have been to in Shanghai and Hong Kong the next. I was in such a state of disconnect that my body and mind completely forgot about everything back home and in term did nothing but absorb the beauty, culture, and celebrations that were going pretty much nonstop around me.

I write this as an ambassador of good times and great places. In our 12 days there, we only came into contact with two other people from the states. Too often I feel like the US gets a bad rep because the only people traveling to these places are college kids who are only interested in getting drunk and not spending any money. If you have wanderlust, a good heart, and a liver that can handle a good amount of celebrations, this country will resonate with you for a long, long time. Remember: Florida/Mexico will NEVER count as an exotic destination.

I am writing this, urging people to go soon, because I feel like the "Disneyland and Jersey Shore-esque" element of America might be making more pilgrimages here soon due to the fact that (spoiler alert) the Hangover Two is based out in Thailand.

So go and enjoy it. Tell them Adam sent you.

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