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Is Your Facial Adding More Stress to Your Life? | Shopping & Services

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Is Your Facial Adding More Stress to Your Life?
Is Your Facial Adding More Stress to Your Life?

There is no better way to get that stress off your face than a facial.  So why with so many places right here in the Nation’s Capitol, can the wrong decision cause more stress?   It may be those "unwanted extras"….medical professionals may call it Erysipelas, which is a skin infection caused by streptococcal bacteria; I call it "an expensive reason why I don’t go to spas.”  It is amazing how many spas this bacteria has made its home in!  Luckily, Patsy, owner of Patsy's Nail Bar, educated me on "spa sanitation," and armed me with some key questions we should all be asking before we subject ourselves to a potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) or even a Washington, D.C "health violation":


  • Is the therapist's license valid and posted in the spa?
  • Did you see the technician sanitize their hands before starting your treatment?
  • Is the technician wearing protective gloves during the treatment?
  • Are you lying on clean, freshly laundered sheets during your facial?
  • Is the technician using waxing sticks one time only? Double dipping in wax is an easy way to spread bacteria to the next client, or you!
  • Are all containers used during your treatment properly marked?  You may not be able to pronounce the words on the bottle, but it is safe to ask the technician, “What is that you are putting on me?”  You have a right to know and I hope you want to know! 
  • During nail treatments, are the technicians using the same files and buffers multiple times on clients?
  • Are the pedicure chair bowls sanitized for 10 minutes with water and an EPA registered product after each use?   Did the therapist use a razor on your skin during your pedicure? This is illegal in DC as well as many other states!
  • Are the nail files, buffers, and implements being stored in a "box" for the next time you return? Will they be sanitized and cleaned before your next visit and how?


So the next time you go to a spa in the Area, ask these simple questions and you might be surprised at what you might uncover that O.S.H.A. or even the D.C. Health Department did not.  Now I have "no stress" on my face, do you?