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You know you’re a Washingtonian If……
You know you’re a Washingtonian If……

John Kelly, Washington Post Staff Writer, wrote an article a few weeks ago asking us to test our knowledge about the DC area.  Kelly asks questions ranging from how the northern snakeheads got in a Crofton pond to what outfit was the hatchet wielding man attacking motorists and others in Fairfax County was wearing.  As one who was born and raised in Washington, DC, I pretty much failed the test.

The Federal of Citizens Association of the District of Columbia, is comprised of almost 40 community associations across the city.  They have championed a number of interests-including the establishment of the Public Utilities Commission, voting rights of DC citizens, working on issues affecting transportation, police, fire, fiscal matters, the environment and education in the city.  They’ve come up with a list that I believe is worth sharing and I hope you feel inspired by it as well.  At least I can actually say I am truly a Washingtonian!

You know you’re a Washingtonian if…..

…you were a regular at the Howard Theater (opened in 1910);
…you know about the Knickerbocker Fire;
…you drove Klingle Road daily;
…you rolled Easter Eggs down the Zoo Hill;
…you have forded Rock Creek (and know what a ford is);
…you know the tiger, buffalo and lion bridges (and where they are located);
…every Christmas holiday meant a trip down to Woodies to see the window displays or get a hot dog at Woolworth’s (after desegregation);
…you can remember when Georgetown and Foggy Bottom were African American communities;
…you ate buttered popcorn a the Biograph Theatre in Georgetown;
…you witnessed the riots in 1968;
…you’ve been gassed at a demonstration you weren’t participating in;
…you have eaten at Billy Simpsons, danced at the Foxtrappe or picnicked at Dumbarton;
…you remember the (original) streetcars;
…your social security number begins with 579;
…you knew the first 3 digits of your phone number also revealed your neighborhood;
…you remember a time before the subway or air conditioning, and sleeping on the back porch or fleeing DC in the summertime!