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WHS Alumni Update: Scuppers! | Community Spirit

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WHS Alumni Update: Scuppers!
WHS Alumni Update: Scuppers!

By Lexi Lepiarz, WHS Adoption Center Manager, Georgia Avenue

I adopted Scuppers in October of 2011. Usually small dogs are adopted quickly, but poor Scuppers was overwhelmed at the adoption center, and wasn't "connecting" with potential adopters. Instead of sitting in their laps and bonding instantly (as so many small dogs seem to do), Scuppers would pace the room looking for an exit and avoid potential adopters' attempts to pet him. With hopes that he would de-stress and ultimately interact better with adoption center visitors, I decided to take him home with me at night, as a temporary foster. I knew the first night I spent with him in my home that he was "my dog." His personality changed the moment we stepped through my front door; he was an instant snuggle-bug in my home, and polite with my other pets. By night two, the thought of Scuppers going home with anyone else actually brought tears to my eyes--so I officially adopted him the very next day! I wasn't planning to adopt a dog, but I realized without a doubt that I did indeed have room in my home and heart for Scuppers even though his entry into my life was not expected.
The past six months have been wonderful. Scuppers is a perfect fit for my lifestyle, as I knew he would be, and a great pal for my three cats. Yes, cats. He prefers cat toys to dog toys, enjoys rambunctious games of chase around the house (the cats chase him!), and of course every day I have to convince him that his food is just as tasty as the stuff the cats get. He has really bonded with my female cat, Gita; the two sleep together, share toys, and are rarely out of one another's sight. Scuppers completes my pack, and I'm so happy to have had the unexpected “Ah Ha!” moment of "I can give a dog a great home." It's so rewarding to think back to his first day at the adoption center, when I handled his surrender to WHS and walked him through the front door, and know that I was also the one who walked him out of the adoption center and into his permanent home: mine.