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WHS Alumni Update
WHS Alumni Update

Aruba Grace
“February 2012 was Aruba Grace's first anniversary with my flock, which includes her sister Firooza Violetta, and brother Sonny C. Aruba’s other brother, Vic, sadly passed away in January after a battle with neurological issues. Near the end of Vic's life, Firooza started ignoring him; however, Aruba Grace was the one who stuck by him, feeding and warbling to him. I was worried she would stop eating when we lost him, however, she has adjusted well and is back to flying, bathing, singing, ringing bells, and swinging to bluegrass music. In fact, the flock is now getting along like the ‘Three Musketeers.’ One day, the trio made a group effort to push their bird bath off the cage top, sending it crashing to the floor and splashing the water out of it!”
 -Erin P. Doherty

WHS staff is ecstatic! Long-time resident sweetie Puzzle finally found her forever home this week. We know this energetic former PACK (People & Animal Cardio Klub) pup will be a great forever companion!

“Poor Sweet Memphis didn't know what to do about this. He wasn't eating his breakfast one morning so I went to check things out and this is what I had found. Jaja, an adorable rat adopted from the Washington Humane Society, had escaped from the bathroom and was enjoying a breakfast made for Memphis. JaJa now resides in my office so she doesn't torment the other animals! We love JaJa as she keeps us entertained all day. She is super active and gets into trouble all the time but that's why we love her.”
-JJ Scheele

“Seven months ago, I took this pic of Cash (Austin) in the New York Avenue adoption center parking lot on the day I took him home. I knew the moment I found out his birthday was April 15th (aka Tax Day!) that he was meant for me since I write about accounting and taxes for a living! In honor of his first birthday, we will be giving a donation to WHS as a small token of thanks from me and Cash's fellow WHS alum ‘brother’ Buck for bringing this fantastically weird, always entertaining cat into our lives. Happy birthday, Cash!”
-Adrienne Gonzalez

And finally, last but not least WHS would like to extend a huge thank you to Marie Osmond, our Honorary Fashion For Paws Chairwoman, for adopting little George, whom she met at last weekend’s event. We are happy to report the new family is doing great!